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I don't know how tutorials work

Hi guys! You all asked for a tutorial on how I made the "mass deck collection" backdrop I made, so I'll try to write this as concrete as possible. This will also require that you have basic html/css knowledge and photoshop(6.0 or higher! I'll be using cs2 for the tutorial). If you have any questions though, do ask here or on plurk! Also, please keep in mind that this is going to be based using Colors cards, but this tutorial can be used to put backdrops in any TCG collecting deck!

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Tari, you had your fun. Now get out of my account. B|

[blogger's note: IGNORE, THIS IS JUST RANDOM SPAM between me and another friend because she's logged into my account at the moment.]
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Reversal Friends Cut

This will be the only one I'll be doing (seeing as how I'm not as active on LJ as I used to be) so this is your chance! If you feel uncomfortable with me being on your flist or feel like we're not connecting as we should be, you are free to defriend me; no strings attached! I will defriend you in return ♥ That includes not jut LJ but twitter/plurk as well! Aside from work and colors_tcg, I really haven't done much during the summer. However, I've been thinking about how DEAD bad of a friend I have been not ...talking to a number of you FOR SO LONG so after this cut, I'll likely make more of an effort to participate in plurk/LJ/twitter/etc more. I SWEAR I AM SHY/INTIMIDATED BY CROWDS and time zones are horrible but that doesn't mean I should be a wimp and not talk to those I want to reconnect/get to know more.

Thank you to those who have kept me on my flist, whether if it's those who may or may not be leaving. ♥ I appreciate it.
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Colors TCG: A colorful, multifandom character TCG


colors tcg

colors_tcg is a colorful multifandom character trading card game that is largely LJ-based. That means most of the action takes place in the LJ comm I've linked. No going off-site to check if games have updated - in colors_tcg, you can watch it on your friends list, so when updates come in, you get the news straightaway by reading your friends page. ♥

Right now, we have 50 decks for you to choose from - once we reach 100 decks and/or 15 members, the game will open for real and that's when the fun starts!

Prejoin now, and you'll get two starter decks - one at prejoin, and one when the TCG formally begins[Starts June 2nd!!]. Read this post for more information.

Hope to see you there! :D♥

Credits to ratiosu for writing this XD♥ I only made small edits here and there.